Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today is the day to help PALESTINE

To all of you people who say that they can't do anything to help Palestine because they are not a politician , a famous figure, nor a leader; please accept me telling you that you are wrong! Today is the day to help Palestine (not tomorrow, or after dinner, or after the party)! If you say, 'I don't need to help them because I am not a Palestinian, or I am not a Muslim, or I am not an Arab', well, let me tell you one thing, in the end you are a human being and so are they, and they need your help! Just put yourself in their situation, don't you think that you would need people to help you? Here is a simple bracelet that you can buy to help Palestine. 100% of it's proceeds will go to a charity to help Palestine!
Here is a poem that was wrote by a 14 year old girl called Nada Al-Ramani to her deceased parents:

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