Saturday, November 14, 2009

TAHUKAH ANDA?-How many products are made with pig parts

Disebabkan tulisan die yang kecik sangat.. aku taip balik ape yang ade kat gambar tue, untuk pengetahuan kita sume terutamanya Umat Islam.

1. Chemical weapons testing : because of the pig's similarity to human tissue.

2. Ice-cream : Gelatine regulates the sugar crystallisation and slow down the melting process.

3. Fertiliser : Made from processed pig's hair

4. Low Fat Butter : Gelatine used 4 texture

5. Beer : Gelatine used as a clarifying agent. React with bitter substances and tannins to absorb cloudly element, leaving clear drinks.

6. Fabric Softner : Fatty acid from bone fat give colour.

7. Paint Brush : Made from pig hair

8. Fruit Juice : Gelatine absorb cloudly element to give clear drinks.

9. Shampoo : Fatty acids from bone fat are used 2 give them a pearl-like appearance.

10. Candle : Fatty acids from bone fat are used to stiffen the wax and raise the candle's melting point.

11. Bread : Protein from pig hair is used to soften dough

12. Bullet : Bone gelatine used to help transport gunpowder or cordite into the casing.

13. Medicine Tablets : Gelatine is used in the shell to give it hardness

14. Washing Powder : Fatty acids from bone fat harden the substance.

15. Paint : Fatty acids from bone fat increase gloss.

16. Tamborine : Made from pig's bladder.

17. Wine : Gelatine absorbs cloudly element to give clear drinks.

18. Paper : Bone gelatine is used to improve stiffness n reduce moisture.

19. Heparin : Used to stop the formation of blood clots, it is taken from the mucus in the intestiness.

20. Soap : Fatty acids from bone fat act as a hardening agent n give colour.

21. Corks : Bone gelatine is used as a binder.

22. Insulin : Taken from pankreas as closest to human in chemical structure.

23. Yoghurt : Pig bone calcium is used in some yoghurt.

24. CIGARETTES : Haemoglobin from the blood used in cigarettes fitters 2 create an artificial lung that supposedly lessens harmful chemicals reaching the somker.

25. Photographic film : Bone gelatine act as a bonding agent on the film sheet.

26. Dog food treat : Haemoglobin used as a red colouring agent.

27. Photodynamic therapy : Haemoglobin used in drug to treat retina decay in the eye. Drug is activated by shinning laser into eye.

28. Moisturiser : Fatty acids from bone fat used.

29. Dog Snack : Deep fried pig nose.

30. Crayons : Fatty acids are used as a hardening agent.

31. Shoe : Bone glue is used to improve the texture n quality of the leather.

32. Train Brakes : Bone ash used in production.

33. Toothpaste : Glycerine from bone fat is used to give toothpaste texture.

34. Hide glue : A strong glue used in the woodworking industry derived from collagen.

35. Face mask : With collagen to help reduce wrinkles and lines.

36. Alternative energy : Waste products used as fuel to procude electricity.

37. Energy bar : Treated collagen is cheap source of protein 4 body builders.

38. Cream cheese : Gelatine used to make it stable.

39. Whipping Cream : Gelatine give texture.

40. Sweets : Porcine gelatine used as binding and gelling agent n to ensure the right texture is found in the following : liqourice, wine gum, chewing gum.

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