Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dalam Kenangan.. Arwah Norhashimah Wahid

Godek2 punye godek.. aku dapat nie.. coretan Arwah sheema.. Sungguh le sedey bile aku baca coretan die nie... Cuba korang baca.. terutama sekali yang aku BOLD kan..

Hylda turned 14 months old on 12 July 2009 (Sunday). We didn’t do anythg special except for singing Happy Birthday song to her hehe..she’s a grown babygurl..it makes me proud n sad at the sametime..sad to see that she’s depending less n less to us now …proud to see that she’s confident and excited in exploring the big world that lies before her…

We attended Abdur’s (honey’s Cuz’s) wedding over the weekend..n there was where her whole full progress were highlighted…especially when she was among other kids of her age (± few months)..

To summarize, her progress now are as follows:-

i. she’s our mobile treadmill now…she runnssss and runssss and runsssssss until she’s tired..most of the time, it was us...hehehe

ii. she’s a big ehh little bully! – she bullied her cousins regardless of their size... bigger or smaller than her…hehee…mommie’s proud of u girl!!hehee..takpe kan??)

iii. she a parrot now! – she repeats after us…whatever we say..we have to be EXTRAAA careful in our conversations around her now…this is the part where the parents get jittery kalau2 she’ll catchup foul words from us!

iv. She has biggg appetite now…especially for adult foods! She even didn’t mind the taste of spicy when I fed her w my bekas-sambal hand..thats’ my gurl!! I’ll pass the family tradition ayam masak sambal belacan recipe to her when she’s big enough to cook!hehee

v. She’s moreee cheeky noww…and more MOREE funn to play with!! She lovess playing ‘Cakk cakk’..’kejar2 w mommie n daddy’ – she loves being the chaser than the chasee…she prefers to turn and face us n chase us rather than being afraid of being chased..hehe..funny girl!

vi. She can count now…one..two..THREE..satu..dua..TIG-GAA…and aliff..ba..TAA..she'd continue the sequence..hehe..

vii. She can say ‘A..B..Chee!!’ viii. Her new fave word is ‘Apiikkk!!’ (her all time favourite is still ‘Cecakk’) ~ dunno wat that means…bt d usage is universal..it can be from ‘I want that..’..’I don’t want that..’…’look!’.. etc etc..depends on the situation, surrounding, the time and maybe the weather…hehe..

ix. She can follow us saying ‘Allah’and sumtimes ‘Allah hu akbar!’

x. She prays..go straight to sujud when she sees the sejadah..

xi. Shakes her head left and right n waiting for us to say ‘Lailahaillallah..laailahaillallahh’

xii. She lovess balloons!!

xiii. She can clearly request for ‘cucu’ – milk and ‘a-ir’ – water to drink

xiv. She'll automatically say ‘Amiimm!’ (Amiinn pelat version) once we finished reading our prayers..

xv. She lovess playing with Bella the cat, our neighbour’s white furry cat…probly to her it is a battery version of her kitty the cat doll..

xvi. She makes frens well..(friends or foe?) since she always ended up taking the things from the other kid’s hand…hmm…yaa friends…hihii

xvii. She hugs n pats us at the back..hahaa…probly imitating our patting when putting her to sleep

xviii. she loves wearing shoes...guess she associates it with going out and RUN!! ..

there are soooo many moree....bt while ive been keeping this entry to add up her progress list, she has again crossed another month..so lets keep the rest in next month's entry okay...(iAllah)..hehe..

*its an amazing amazingg feeling being a mommie* ..Alhmdulillah..


monamie said...

mana dpt nih?? arwah ada blog? :(

Anonymous said...

ni FP dia..jmpe td..sheema-wahid.fotopages.com

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iyelah..kak mona.. fotopages die..